​1. By submitting an application, I have applied to participate in a college tour/camp program sponsored by The Campus Experience, Inc. (TCE). I agree to all of the following terms, conditions, and understandings, which shall be binding upon me and upon TCE. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by TCE for the health, safety, welfare and management of tour members. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless TCE from any claims arising out of the registered party’s participation in the program.

2. TCE is engaged in the business of arranging and conducting escorted or chaperoned experiences of college campuses. TCE performs a wide variety of services in connection with these experiences. TCE as the principal shall be responsible for making arrangements for travel services (air and/or ground), accommodations, appointments, events, activities, TCE workbook and materials. TCE cannot be responsible, however, for such occurrences as an airline's failure to honor a confirmed reservation or to provide the transportation it has contracted to perform. I release TCE (its employees, agents, school, school board) from any claims arising from the failure of any airline, ground transportation company, hotel, restaurant, or other supplier of tour/camp services, arrangements, or accommodations, to perform as set forth in any tour/camp literature, except where there has been actual negligence on the part of TCE (or its employees or agents). In the event of missed connections, mechanical or weather related delays, whether due to the student’s own tardiness or the non-performance of an airline or other provider of tour/camp services, I will be responsible for any additional expenses for lodging, meals, and transportation.

3. I acknowledge that TCE cannot be responsible to me for events beyond its control, such as (without limitation) strikes, war, delays, weather, acts of God, terrorism, or governmental restrictions; or for the actions or omissions of any persons or entities outside its control, such as (without limitation) airlines, surface transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, and other suppliers of tour/camp services, arrangements, or accommodations. I release TCE (its employees, agents, school, and school board) from any claims arising from such events, actions, or omissions. Because TCE has no control over such events and circumstances, it cannot be responsible for any claims which may arise as a result. If I wish to obtain travel insurance, baggage protection insurance, or other insurance coverage, it is my responsibility to do so.

4. Each tour/camp group is led and supervised by an experienced guide and may be assisted by one or more persons experienced in counseling high school students regarding college selection and admissions. TCE reserves the right to make any alterations in the itinerary, hotel accommodations, dates, transportation, food arrangements, sightseeing, tour/camp leadership, and makeup of tour/camp membership as it, in its sole discretion, may deem necessary for the success of the event. If such events or circumstances arise, I agree to abide by TCE judgments, and decision. I release TCE (and its employees and agents) from any claims arising from the cancellation of my visit to any city or college campus. All schedules and fares quoted are based on current costs of operation, and are subject to confirmation or adjustment before the event begins. Additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the registrant’s parent(s) or guardian: conversely, refunds, if any, will be made to the registrant's parent(s) or guardian.

5. Clients and Registrants agree to abide by the final itinerary established by TCE for the event program. They will not depart from TCE's established itinerary at any time, either on their own or with any other event participants, unless they submit a written document signed by the parents or legal guardian to TCE and such document is approved by TCE prior to departure. If a written document is submitted and approved by TCE, the registrant agrees to honor its terms and conditions and to follow the travel plans which it specifies. The approved document shall also become a part of this agreement, whether or not it is physically attached. If the registrant departs from TCE's established itinerary at any time during the event (whether or not they have first submitted a written document authorizing the departure), they agree to be fully responsible for their own safety and well-being, as well as for their own conduct. The registrant will make no claims against TCE (or its employees or agents) as a result of any events which may occur prior to the actual departure of their event or during any time that they depart from TCE's established itinerary for the event. TCE cannot be responsible for the registrant’s well-being during the time they are traveling from their home to the origination point for the event, or at any time during the event when the registrant is absent from TCE-supervised activities.

6. The registrant agrees to conduct themselves in a respectful, civil, and responsible manner at all times during the event program, follow the established itinerary, and to refrain from the use of alcohol or illegal drugs. In addition, the registrant will comply with all group rules and standards whether announced verbally or in writing by TCE. TCE shall have complete discretion to terminate the registrant’s participation in the program and to send the registrant home at their own expense (or at the expense of the parents or legal guardian) if the registrant engages in any conduct which violates this Agreement, violates the group rules and standards announced or written by TCE, endanger the success of the event or the welfare of other event members and /or event leaders, or is detrimental to the reputation of TCE. If the registrant is sent home for any of these reasons, they will not be entitled to any refund. The manner and means of transporting the member home shall be determined exclusively by TCE and all expenses incidental to the termination of the event membership (including the entire costs of the transportation of the event member back home) shall be borne completely by the event member and/or the event member's parent or guardian.

7. No weapons, including but not limited to: guns, knives, any aerosol pepper sprays, or stunning electronic devices will NOT be permitted on The Campus Experience tour/camp at any time. Possession of any such weapon is in direct violation of the Terms and Conditions herein and will result in immediate termination of a registrant’s further participation in The Campus Experience college campus tour/camp, and will be sent home at their own expense (or the expense of their Parent/Legal Guardian).  The Client and Registrant hereby agree to make no claims of liability and will not be entitled to any refund from The Campus Experience, Inc., or any staffer, employee, or agent. It is also important to understand that there may be legal requirements compelling The Campus Experience, Inc. to notify police, or other law enforcement, regarding an issue of a registrant in possession of a weapon.

8. The registrant agrees to accept responsibility for their own conduct and judgment at all times during the college tour/camp program, regardless of whether they are participating in a TCE-supervised activity. The registrant specifically accepts responsibility for any financial obligations they may incur and for any damages or injuries they may cause.

9. TCE is not responsible for loss of travel documents, valuables, or for loss of or damage to luggage or belongings. The registrant specifically accepts responsibility for any financial obligations they may incur to repair, replace, recover, and/or receive any of the items mentioned.  

10. The Client agrees to complete the Emergency Contact and Medical Information section of the application as provided by TCE and has indicated in this section any medical conditions, allergies, restrictions, over-the-counter and/or prescription drug use, and general medical information which might affect the registrant’s participation in the college tour/camp program. Event members must be covered by medical and baggage insurance by their parents or guardians as TCE cannot assume any medical costs or baggage losses incurred while on an event.  The Client acknowledges that the information contained in the Emergency Contact and Medical Information section and Registration Form (in its entirety) is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge and that they will indemnify and hold harmless TCE from any claims should any of the information contained in the Emergency Contact and Medical Information section and Registration Form (in its entirety) prove false. If a registrant becomes ill or incapacitated at any time, The Client authorizes TCE to take whatever action it deems necessary to preserve the registrant’s health and safety, including (without limitation) obtaining medical treatment for the registrant and/or transporting the registrant home, all at the registrant’s expense (or at the expense of the registrant’s parents or legal guardian). The Client agrees to reimburse TCE for any expenses it incurs for the purpose of preserving the registrant’s health or safety.

11. The Client agree that TCE shall have the right to cancel any tour/camp program for insufficient participation or for other reasons which it considers appropriate. In the event a tour/camp is cancelled, TCE's sole obligation will be to provide The Client with a full refund. Should the event be cancelled after it has begun, TCE's sole obligation shall be to provide The Client with a refund of the cancelled portion of the tour/camp program. The Client agrees that they will have no right to a refund for any accommodations, meals, or services which the registrant did not avail themselves to use or participate in, but were offered during a TCE event.

12. TCE's fees for the college tour include: air and/or ground transportation, hotel lodging, meals (some and/or all), student led campus tours, meetings with admission representatives, materials, and activities. If The Client wishes to cancel the reservation for a TCE tour/camp, it must be done in writing prior to the start of the event. The Client’s right to a refund will depend upon the date that the written notice of cancellation is received by TCE. If the written notice is received at least thirty-one (31) days prior to departure, then TCE will refund all of The Client’s money, minus a processing fee of $75.00 plus any direct expenses incurred, e.g. non-refundable plane tickets, airline deposit, university housing deposits, etc.. If The Client’s written notice is received between fourteen (14) and thirty-one (31) days prior to the departure, TCE will refund fifty percent (50%) of the total fees charged for the event plus any direct expenses incurred, minus a processing fee of $75.00. Should The Client cancel less than 14 days prior to the start of the event, The Client will not be entitled to any refund.

13. TCE programs are designed to provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience for students to compare a variety of schools under the guidance of professional educators. Participation in a college tour/camp program may not enhance a student’s chances of gaining admission to the college of his/her choice. TCE is not affiliated with any college or university, and has no involvement in or influence upon any college’s admission decisions. TCE will hold all personal and educational information concerning participants in the strictest confidence. TCE will not reveal any information to any college admissions official or other person, except as expressly authorized in advance by the student. TCE may use photographs, videotapes, and testimonials of students in publicity materials.

14. TCE is not responsible for obtaining passports or visas for its travelers. This is the responsibility of the participant, his/her parents or legal guardian. Failure to do so does not constitute grounds for a refund. If a TCE participant is unable to obtain necessary travel documents, TCE's cancellation policy will apply (See Paragraph 12). Non U.S.-citizens must contact the embassy or consulate of their destination countries as soon as possible for specific entry requirements. Visit the U.S. Department of State at www.travel.state.gov for information.

15. This agreement shall be effective upon acceptance by TCE as a participant in one of its campus tour/camp programs. This agreement may not be modified except in writing. No oral modifications of this Agreement shall be valid.

16. I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the applicant registered. I have read the above Agreement and will be bound by its terms and conditions, both on my own behalf and on behalf of the applicant.

17. This agreement is binding under the laws of the State of Texas.

It is required that you read this entire document carefully before completing and submitting your registration for The Campus Experience, Inc. (TCE) College Tour or College Prep Camp.  When submitting a registration form and paying for a TCE event, you agree to ALL the following terms, conditions, and understandings outlined below, which will be acted upon and binding. We require these Terms & Conditions for the quality operation of our events and for the wellbeing, health, and safety of everyone participating on The Campus Experience tour/camp. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.