To further the mission of exposing students to experiences designed to expand their vision and smoothly transition them into a hopeful future, The Campus Experience (TCE) will accept corporate, local, and individual sponsorship. “Sponsorship” with The Campus Experience means a financial contribution to support the on-going operation of our pre-planned and customized campus tours.  

The contribution may be provided as general support, in which case it will help offset the expenses involved in providing educational campus experiences for students.  The contribution can also be provided as scholarship support, in which case it will be utilized to send a student or students on a campus tour who may not otherwise have the financial means to participate without your support.


We recognize and value the power of partnership. "Partnership" with The Campus Experience (TCE) means a mutually beneficial relationship formed to execute a plan of action for achievement of established goals. We understand the important role partnerships have in building college and career pathways for students; therefore, we are seeking to build strong, sustainable, and successful collaborations.    

Although perspectives may differ, schools and businesses face a shared challenge - preparing students for life after high school.  Schools are burdened with the ongoing struggle of improving student outcomes, while businesses find themselves in constant search of capable and qualified employees.  With the overwhelming majority of jobs, now and in the future, requiring some college training, high school diplomas alone are being considered a ticket to a life of poverty.  Solutions can be found, but they will require collaborative partnerships.


By investing in the future of a child, you will help to:                     By investing in the future of a child, you will receive:

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Showcase opportunities and free distribution of company materials to 250 students/parents.

Opportunities to provide branded promotional items to students.

And let's not forget...the FEEL GOOD FACTOR from valuable goodwill.

Recognition through TCE's selected marketing and social media outlets.



Expose students to hopeful futures, in which, on average, they will earn $1 million more in their lifetime than their peers who only achieve a high school diploma when they complete a 4-year college degree.   



Equip students for success after high school.  


Close the gaps in college awareness and readiness.


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